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2020-11-09: Genome sequencing not always accurate

Kew Science Blogs

2019-08-07: Fungal favourites


2018-02-19: Discovering fungal diversity in Colombia


2017-05-16: Meet the mycologist: Pepijn Kooij


2016-11-21: On the origin of mutualisms


2015-10-09: Celebrating the importance of mycological research

Other outreach

2022-07-15: Interviewed for the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant about farming pocket gophers. link


2022-06-28: Interviewed with the lab for Papo Acadêmico - UNESP about our work with fungus-growing ants and fungi. link


2022-03-02: Interviewed for the Dutch radio station BNR about leaf-cutting ants. link


2022-01-20: Interviewed for the BBC magazine Science Focus about leaf-cutting ants in relation to Sir David Attenborough's show The Green Planet. link


2019-12-01: Co-authored the book "Fungarium: Welcome to the Museum" with the amazing mycology team at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (David L. Hawksworth, Laura M. Suz, Pepijn W. Kooij, Kare Liimatainen, Tome Prescott, Lee Davies and Ester Gaya) and the fantastic Katie Scott. link


2018-08-01: The trailer for the documentary of our second expedition in Boyacá, Colombia! link / extended version link


2018-01-29: Video about our first expedition in Boyacá, Colombia. link


2015-09-11: New Scientist featured the paper on polyploidy in domesticated fungi in Journal of Evolutionary Biology. link

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